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   The Table   

A unique place for, connection, accountability and renewal


Who should come

to the Table?

Organizational leaders and even whole teams invest in The Table 

when they are:


Seeking connection, accountability and renewal

like-minded leaders.


Looking to find traction or direction in life or work.


Ready to pause, to listen, to

  rest, and to retool.    


Differing from one-on-one coaching, The Table hosts 7 chairs

What is the content and structure?

At The Table we will ask and pursue answers to questions like:


Why was I created? 

Who am I to become?

 How can I flourish?

Gatherings will include: Assessments, Content, Peer to Peer interaction, Round Table Discussions, Actionable Steps and food at our live gatherings.

What is the  commitment?

The Registration Fee reserves your place at the Table for 8 weeks: 

2 hours per week with group

and 2 hours of

one-on-one coaching.

When are Tables offered?

Beginning Fall 2021

What do I do next?


If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together

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