Helping leaders and teams establish cultures that thrive
and make a difference in their world

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Even with the best intentions, do you find initiatives

lacking clarity, energy, or getting to the finish line?

I'll help you clear away the fog, resolve unseen obstacles
and position you and your team to thrive and impact your world.


A Clear and Custom Plan

As a result of our work together we will clearly determine your preferred future.
With a clear frame of your future, together we will challenge the conventional and reimagine strategies. 
When the plan is clear your teams and your organization will move forward with alignment and energy. 
Your vision will be realized and everyone will thrive.
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Meet your Executive Coach,
Dean W. Moyer

As a successful leader, you have no doubt already determined the enormous value of counsel and collaboration. With so much competing for your attention, and an increasingly complex culture, the need is perhaps greater.


As a Certified Executive Coach, I bring together over forty years of experience as a forward-thinking agent of change for leaders, volunteers, communities, and churches. With gifts of teaching, organizational leadership, and strategic planning, I've helped clients to discover and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors, hone communication and conflict management skills, and lead with integrity and courage. 

Dean W. Moyer, DWS, CEC
Executive Coach

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Dean is a great coach, advisor, and teacher. He is the ideal person to call when a leader is stuck or blocked, when guidance might be needed to discover and overcome the beliefs and behaviors that can hold us back, or when there is an opportunity to strengthen organizational leadership and problem solving. 

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 Whenever change exists or human behaviors need to adapt, having Dean as a consultant in helping make changes is a plus for any organization. He understands issues presented to him and has the ability to discern important aspects necessary to lead effective action plans. 

I worked with Dean for almost 10 years. He is an amazing creative thinker, team builder, and directional leader. He has strong interpersonal skills and a shepherd's heart. 

 Andrew Neitlich, Founder + Director  

 Ken Meyer, Head of Executive Staffing 

 Glen Massey, Associate Pastor