Leader Coaching

Certified Executive Coaching specializing in:
      • life/work priorities
      • mission and vision
      • healthy habits
      • leader behaviors
      • organizational strategy
      • leader succession
      • next chapter
      • next half


Team Coaching

Working Genius Certified Facilitator helping bring
      • Greater success and fulfillment in your work:

      • Leadership development/coaching 
      • Job alignment/adjustments
      • Team cohesion and productivity
      • Creating a common language for work
      • Clarity around stages of work

          Workshops (Half Day, Full Day)   CLICK HERE FOR UPCOMING WORKSHOP
          Weekend Retreat (Fri-Sat)


I had the pleasure of attending a Working Genius workshop presented by Dean. He is an incredible leader with his relational approach and witty candor. His ability to effectively teach, encourage, and inspire is a special gift that should be shared with many. Thanks to Dean, I have the powerful knowledge of understanding my working genius and how I can apply that to my life for the better. If you have an opportunity to spend some time with him, I highly recommend it!    Erin S. 

Public Speaking

Available for your team or organization.


A recent article on about executive coaching reported that corporate America is spending more than $1 billion annually on executive coaching.  This growth in coaching is due to a heightened focus on developing high potential leaders (rather than a remedial effort to help derailing employees), and the leaders themselves say it is working.


 According to the article, a recent global survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre found that the mean Return on Investment in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost. “A Fortune 500 firm engaged Metrix Global LLC to determine the business benefits and return on investment for an executive coaching program. The bottom line: coaching produced a 529% ROI (that’s $5 for every $1 spent on coaching) as well as significant intangible benefits to the business. When the financial benefits of employee retention were rolled into the mix, the ROI was nearly eight to one, or 788 %.”

– Executive Briefing: Case Study on the Return on Investment of Executive Coaching. MetrixGlobal, LLC. Merrill .C. Anderson, PhD, November 2, 2001. 43% of CEOs and 71% of the senior executive team reported that they had worked with a coach. Most telling, is that 92% of leaders being coached say they plan to use a coach again.” – FastCompany.Com