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This is a temporary landing page providing information for the Men of Pecan Square, Northlake, TX regarding a fall 2021 study. 

Something extraordinary is happening this fall and I’d like to invite you to join us. A few men in Pecan Square have begun laying the groundwork for a men’s study entitled BETTERMAN. You can go to to get a fuller explanation of this study. 

BetterMan is an eleven-week, hands-on biblically based study targeted specifically for men 20-40 years of age, or any man desiring to thrive. This experience uniquely connects these men with older, more seasoned mentors (called Table Leaders) who are coached to invest their lives and their experiences into these younger men throughout the journey. 


When: (Tuesday) September 7 – November 15  at 6:30 – 7:30 a.m. 

Where: We are still working that out, but it will be close so you can get to work

Who: Presently our vision is to offer this to our Pecan Square Men. 

Cost: There will be a small cost for the workbook. 



Where do you fit in?


TABLE LEADER: You might be a Table Leader (or a co-leader). Don’t let this scare you off. Table Leaders, while followers of Jesus, are not intended or expected to be super-saints (whatever that is). Table Leaders are simply men who are committed to be on journey with Jesus and willing to simply invest in others. No age requirement. We will provide Table Leader Training to make this a successful venture. CLICK HERE if you'd like to be a TABLE LEADER


PARTICIPANT: You might be that 20-40 something looking to participate at a Table and be mentored by others. You can sign up ahead of time. Watch for that info on an upcoming Pecan Square BETTERMAN Facebook page. CLICK HERE if you'd like to be a participant. 


LEADERSHIP TEAM: There are many roles where might find great fulfillment. Our team is committed to helping you engage where you will really thrive.  If you want to consider this further, CLICK HERE. 

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

“BetterMan seeks to foster a growing community of men who desire a better, more fulfilling life from our work, family, friends, marriages, and from our relationship with God. We are opposed to any cultural expression of masculinity that leads men into living toxic or passive lives. The BetterMan framework actively seeks to counter today’s dysfunctional masculinity by offering men the timeless, life-giving manhood found in the Bible. At BetterMan, our passion is to help men discover and implement that design. “

NEXT LEADERSHIP TEAM MEETING: JULY 25, 2021 @ 3:00pm in the Arena. Consider joining us even if you are just curious. 
My apologies for the appearance of any self-promotion by leading you to my website. I needed a landing page for this information and found this the easiest. In the coming weeks we will host a Pecan Square BETTERMAN facebook page for information and sign ups and this page will be deactivated. 
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