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Guiding Churches through Worship Renewal


Does the online worship service really work? With COVID restrictions lifted, why aren’t church-goers returning to public worship? (link to Pew study) What will the new normal really look like? Do we really need to gather? Is hiring another worship pastor really the right thing to do, now? (For the institution: Does our academic program equip the leader for these new (maybe old) realities?  The pandemic has raised these and many more questions about “Church.” Frankly, I think this is good news – no, great news! While challenging on so many levels, it seems the Spirit is inviting the church to evaluate its purpose and task, especially as it is expressed in the worship gathering.   With over 40 years of experience as a worship pastor, church leader and student of biblical and theological worship (link to IWS), it would be a great privilege to serve as your guide into a new day of worship renewal. 



                              Dean W. Moyer
                              Executive Coach 

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Dean is a great coach, advisor, and teacher. He is the ideal person to call when a leader is stuck or blocked, when guidance might be needed to discover and overcome the beliefs and behaviors that can hold us back, or when there is an opportunity to strengthen organizational leadership and problem solving. 

 Andrew Neitlich, Founder + Director  

 Whenever change exists or human behaviors need to adapt, having Dean as a consultant in helping make changes is a plus for any organization. He understands issues presented to him and has the ability to discern important aspects necessary to lead effective action plans. 

 Ken Meyer, Head of Executive Staffing 


I worked with Dean for almost 10 years. He is an amazing creative thinker, team builder, and directional leader. He has strong interpersonal skills and a shepherd's heart. 

 Glen Massey, Associate Pastor 

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