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   The Dean's List   

Would you like to explore the services of other executive coaches?
Consider one of these trusted friends.

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   Susan Bish   

Author, Speaker, Strategic Leader

Charlotte, North Carolina

Helping businesses successfully execute aggressive growth strategies since 1992

(704) 489-8111​

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   Bud Brainard   

Certified Executive Coach
Charlotte, North Carolina

Partnering with executive leaders and organizations to move them from where they are to where they want to be

(704) 313-9588

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   Ellen Patnaude   

Certified Executive Team Coach

Detroit Metropolitan Area 

Taking blinders off of teams and individuals through traditional and unconventional workshop experiences. If it has to do with improving team function and leadership abilities, we can help

(248) 534-6409

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   Trinette Pierre   

Certified Executive Coach

Dallas, Texas

Expert in coaching and advising healthcare leaders in meeting and surpassing strategic, engagement, and professional goals. 

(214) 923-2113

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   Brent Rossman   

Certified Executive Coach
Columbus, Ohio

Helping leaders with technical backgrounds develop the personal skills to become well-rounded, extraordinary leaders. 

(740) 324-0469

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   Tim Schmidt   

Certified Kingdom Advisor®, CLF®, FIC, LUTCF® Wealth Advisor

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Inspiring people to plan wisely, live fully and impact the world around them 

(612) 790-1047

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   C.J. Watkins   

Certified Executive Coach

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Passionate leader, coach, communicator and advocate for improving sustainability in business, all with a sense of humor.

(250) 215-0156

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Bonnie Wilson   

Executive Coach and

Healthcare Consultant
Austin, Texas

A visionary and  transformational coach with proven track record guiding healthcare executives and organizations to function at the highest level.


Some have asked about my logo, web design and specifically my office white board. I couldn't be happier with the creativity, thoughtfulness and professionalism of Sydney at Owen Kayleigh Design. She is a rock star. Click on the image and check out her work.

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